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Tree Care and Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners

Tree Care and Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners

Tree Care and Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners

Tree Care & Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners – As a leading provider of tree care services in the Northwest, Westcoast Tree Care knows that spring is the perfect time to get out and maintain your trees and landscape. However, pruning and trimming should never be a DIY job. While it may be tempting to want to save a few bucks, cheap is never the way to go when it comes to preventative tree care.

Improper pruning is a common mistake that often leaves trees permanently damaged, susceptible to disease, storm damage or even death. That’s why we’d like to take the time in today’s blog to share with you the biggest tree care and pruning mistakes often made by homeowners. After all, we want nothing more than to see a job done right rather than risk the health and beauty of your trees.

Tree Care and Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners – Tree Topping

Tree topping is probably the most obvious (and ugliest) mistake made when it comes to preventative tree care. The reason people tend to go this route is because they want to cut back or clear a problematic tree of powerlines and views. The problem though is that topping a tree can leave it prone to insect infestations, and rot creating a potentially dangerous situation. A topped tree will also never return to its original form. Instead, it will look mangled, stubby and disfigured.

Tree Care and Pruning Mistakes Made By Homeowners – Bad Timing

Knowing when to trim and prune your trees to keep them healthy while setting them up for a season of robust growth is important. Bad timing in this department, however, can not only harm but potentially kill an otherwise healthy tree.This important time period lies somewhere between early winter and spring when a tree lies dormant before spring blooms emerge. Ideally, a certified arborist will know when to properly prune and trim a tree.

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Improper Pruning

Another common tree care mistake is removing healthy branches or cutting them to close to the main trunk. Cutting healthy branches can affect the stability and safety of a tree creating a potentially hazardous situation. Cutting too close to the main trunk, on the other hand, can leave behind an open wound making a tree susceptible to pests and disease. Due to a list of potentially negative outcomes, Westcoast Tree Care recommends seeking the advice and services of an ISA Certified Arborist who is trained in all aspects of arboriculture and preventative tree care techniques.

Over Pruning

A tree should never be over pruned. In fact, it’s important not to remove more than 15-20% of a tree’s foliage. When too much of the canopy has been removed, a tree can become unhealthy because it can no longer produce enough food and nutrients to sustain itself. Over pruning is a common mistake many homeowners make because they tend to think a tree will grow back stronger. However, this could be further from the truth. That’s why pruning and preventative tree care services should always be left to the professionals.

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